Hi, I'm Jared Rhodenizer and Bradshaw Farm is a great neighborhood. We need to ensure it remains that way while being open to new ideas and eliminating unnecessary, outdated rules. Neighborhoods like this one are a rare gem in this area because of all the greenery, trees, and natural beauty. It’s one of the few places where you can feel like you’re in the country without having to live there. Additionally, as more families move in, we need to be pro-active in ensuring that we're keeping children’s and youth activities, events, and resources a top priority. I want to see this neighborhood continue to be great and continue attracting the type of people we all want as neighbors. I’m 35 years old and I’ve owned and operated my own multi-million dollar company since 2014. I specialize in marketing, communication and education, specifically for small businesses, and before that I was a television producer, marketing manager, and video editor. I’m confident that my past experience will equip me with everything needed to improve communication, set expectations, and get things done quickly and efficiently. My wife Rebekah and our two kids (4 and 9) moved into the neighborhood from Florida in October of 2020 and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. My intention is to listen, communicate, and become an advocate for what the residents of Bradshaw Farm want and need to continue making it one of the best neighborhoods in Cherokee County. I appreciate your vote!

In my opinion, there's a huge lack of communication between the board and the residents. And where there is communication, it's inconsistent and unclear. The current method seems to be sending random, hastily written emails that do not offer much context. For example, we were told in July of 2021 that each household would be charged an additional special assessment fee of $750. We were told vaguely that this money would go towards "pool and amenity area renovations". It's now a year later, they've billed us, and haven't done anything except gather quotes. The one and only update we've received about this were all the problems they ran into. It seems that it's always someone else's fault for nothing getting done.

First, figure out a way to notify everyone in mass. I've suggested to the board to use text messaging and I've referred them to the software I use with my company that works very well. A text announcement could then be easily sent to everyone in the neighborhood. Additionally, we could include voting options where residents could easily cast a vote about decisions that need to be made and elections. Furthermore, the board members and the management company should be active participants in the Bradshaw Farm Facebook Group. They should actively listen and respond to concerns and questions. And finally, whenever assessments are needed (like the example above), I would make sure that the budget was open and transparent for all residents, and I would include a process map with milestones to show the timeline and what the money was going to be used for. Additionally the board would only be able to bill the residents if and when those milestones on the process map were completed.

I do not believe the board is using our money very wisely. I believe making sure that everyone's trash is picked up, our playground is safe, and we have a program in place for clear and consistent information is more important that cosmetic items like painting the silos and putting heaters in the tennis pavilions when we live in the south. $90,000 (the quote for painting the silos) goes a long way towards other things such as a new playground. We wouldn't need a special assessment if we prioritized how the money was spent.

Make a priority list and sort it first by non cosmetic needs. I'd then publish that list and allow residents to vote on items they deem important. We don't need to increase the fee for the residents. All we need to do is spend that same money on things that are important.

My goal is to give the residents of the neighborhood more control over how their money is spent, establish a clear line of consistent communication between the HOA and the residents, and ensure that when something needs to be done, it’s done on time and on budget.


1. Only one proxy per home may be used.
Essentially, don't fill out multiple proxies. If you want to vote for multiple people, then make sure you vote for them on the same proxy.

2. Attendance at the annual meeting will invalidate your proxy.
They take a vote at the annual meeting, so if you've already filled out a proxy, they'll nullify it. Only vote by proxy if you're not planning on coming to the annual meeting.

3. Only one member of the home is required to sign the proxy.
They count votes per household, not per person. So only one person per household should vote.

4. Once you fill out your proxy, they will need to be delivered to me.
I'll have more information on how to do this as we get closer to the election. I'm going to attempt to gather proxies via electronic signature right here on my website; however, I'll have to find out if "wet ink" is required. If so, I'll have a place where you can download your proxy, fill it out, and then get it to me so I can turn in at the meeting on your behalf.

As it stands, there are two ways you can vote. You can either (a) vote at the annual meeting which is scheduled to take place on September 15th or (b) vote by proxy. Voting by proxy is set to begin on or around August 1stIf you choose to vote by proxy, there are some rules that are very important to understand. Please see the rules below to make sure you do everything properly and ensure your vote counts. Additionally, there are multiple people in the nighbhorhood pushing for an electronic voting option. Whether or not this will happen is still unknown.



If you'd like to chat or have any questions for me, please send me an email to jared@votejared.com and I'll respond as soon as possible. Additionally, feel free to follow me on social media using the links in the website footer.